Paul Pogba has requested a counter-analysis of his sample after being informed that he failed a drug test. The French midfielder had been looking forward to a successful campaign at Juventus and was considered one of the club’s key players.

News of his failed drug test emerged recently, and Pogba has exercised his right to request a counter-analysis within the next three days. According to a report from Calciomercato, he has been given until September 20th to undergo the counter-analysis.

Pogba is undoubtedly hoping for a favourable outcome from the second test. The situation raises questions about whether he may have inadvertently ingested a banned substance, as he has a history of professionalism.

Juventus is cooperating with the authorities while supporting the 2018 World Cup winner during this process. However, if Pogba were to receive a lengthy ban from the sport, it is expected that Juventus may terminate his contract. The situation remains uncertain, and Pogba’s future in football hinges on the outcome of the counter-analysis.

Juve FC Says

That date is important for us and not just Pogba because the outcome of the case will impact us.

Our name has also been dragged through the mud in the last few days because of this and we need it resolved as soon as possible.