Napoli president Aurelio De Laurentiis is determined to ensure what he calls justice by attempting to have Juventus removed from the Club World Cup.

Juventus qualified for the tournament due to having the second-highest coefficient among Italian clubs as calculated by UEFA.

However, De Laurentiis believes it is unfair for Napoli to miss out while Juventus qualifies, especially considering that Juventus did not compete in Europe this season.

FIFA has established the criteria, but a report on Il Bianconero suggests that a recent video message from Gianni Infantino about the competition has further aggravated De Laurentiis, prompting him to consult his international lawyers.

The Napoli supremo is intent on proving what he perceives as injustice, asserting that it is unjust for Juventus to even qualify for the competition.

Juve FC Says

De Laurentiis is one man who openly dislikes Juve, so his actions will not come as a surprise to us in any way.

They have had one of the worst title defences in Serie A history and should be more focused on getting better as a team.

The criteria for the competition were set a long time ago and he did not complain about it, why is he trying to disrupt the smooth flow of things?

We expect the Club World Cup to go ahead with Juve as a competitor next year no matter what De Laurentiis does.