Matthijs de Ligt joined Juventus from Ajax in 2019 after he had established himself as one of the best players in the Dutch league at the time.

He played for an Ajax side that dominated their top-flight and was beating almost all comers in the competition.

His move to Juventus is a step up and the Italian Serie A is a much bigger competition than the Dutch league he left and it is probably also much tougher.

Speaking about both competitions recently, the centre-back claims he found beating a smaller club 1-0 acceptable in Serie A when it would have been criticised in Holland and claims that just shows the difference in the quality of opponents in both competitions.

He said via Tuttojuve: “Here every match is difficult. At Ajax, when we won a match against the fifteenth in the standings less than 2-0, the fans were disappointed. 

“The first year here I was surprised that when we won 1-0 with the last one, they were happy. I said yes, we won, but we had to score more goals, they were happy because the level of the low-ranking teams is higher.”

Juve FC Says

Serie A is one of the toughest competitions in the world and it is always filled with upsetting results.

Juve has been on the receiving end of some bad losses this season, including being defeated by Empoli and Verona and that just shows that the day you play badly you could pay with a defeat.