The father of Matthijs De Ligt’s girlfriend says his dream is the win the Champions League in the Juventus shirt.

Speaking to, Keje Molenaar, father of De Ligt’s fiancée AnneKee, spoke about life in lockdown and how Matthijs has adapted to life in Turin.

“The tandem with Bonucci is working well,” he told TuttoJuve, “The collaboration between them is very good.”

“Matthijs is in very good shape, and he is really playing very well. I hope he can continue on this path, it is very important for his teammates”.

Compared to the initial performances, Matthijs seems to have acquired the Italian style of defending. Is there a preference between playing with Leo Bonucci or Giorgio Chiellini?

“Both Bonucci and Chiellini are two international defenders, among the strongest on the world scene. I honestly don’t think there will be a preference, because Matthijs will be able to play very well with both.

“Matthijs told me he came out of the lockdown in better shape than ever. He is very much in love with the city.”

Can he be called the best defender in the Italian championship?

“I can’t judge all the other defenders. It is also known that Italian defenders are renowned for their exceptional abilities.”

In June of a year ago, Cristiano Ronaldo advised Matthijs to come to Juventus. Did he ever tell you about that moment?

“He never mentioned it, also because everyone saw those scenes that took place both in the match he played against Juventus in the Champions League and against Portugal in the Nations League. I can say that it was very nice”.

What is Matthijs’ dream? Which trophy would you like to raise more than the others?

“His dream is to win the Champions League with the Juventus shirt.”