Matthijs De Ligt has once again dismissed reports that he wants to leave the Bianconeri, saying ‘I’m very happy at Juventus.’

The Dutch defender was starting to come into his own, prior to the lockdown taking effect in Italy during the Coronavirus outbreak.

Speaking to Tuttosport, De Ligt shared his first feelings of arriving at Juventus and the strongest of his teammates.

“The first feeling was happiness: Juventus bought me, one of the biggest clubs in the world,” he told the Turin based daily.

“First emotions? It’s all different from life at Ajax. Let’s say the first big difference that struck me is the international dimension of the club.

“Then there was the welcome from my teammates, an exceptional group, they were really nice and helpful with me, nobody excluded. They immediately made me feel part of a family. ”

“Leaving? I am very happy at Juventus. I realized that in the last period, when football wasn’t played, someone invented a few things about me.

“I am really happy to be here, to train every day with extraordinary players, I have the constant feeling of improving day by day and therefore now I am very happy with Juventus. Yes, I’m happy. ”

In team full of champions, who is the strongest teammate?

“To be honest, the team level is really high. Obviously there is Ronaldo, but I don’t name him, because everybody knows who Cristiano is and what he can do.

“So I say that there are two others that struck me: one is Paulo Dybala, who has a truly amazing technique. The other, and perhaps it might sound strange to someone, is Rodrigo Bentancur, a player with truly amazing technical qualities. I think he is quite underestimated, he is a great player with a great future ahead.”

Working under new coach Maurizio Sarri must have been a change from life at Ajax?

“He’s a tactician. Very attentive to every detail and with an extremely precise idea of ​​football.

“He wants to build from the back, play technical football, more or less like I was used to Ajax.

“Basically you can say that he is very “Dutch”, even if his Italian spirit remains strong. It could be said that he is the Italian aspect of total Dutch football.”