Matthijs de Ligt he understands the fans anger when he’s made mistakes but is working to improve himself.

The Dutch defender has shown much improved form after making some mistakes in his early performances for the club but believes fans have a right to be angry after such mistakes.

“It’s normal, it’s all normal, If I had been in their shoes, I would also be angry at such mistakes,” he told Turin based daily Tuttosport.

“But as a player these are problems that shouldn’t interest me. I just have to think about working to improve myself, understand if I’m making progress or not.

“For sure, I am happy with the way my first six months have passed, I’m convinced that I will get better and better, game after game.

“Cristiano Ronaldo? We know him well, he’s an incredible player, I remember he was heavily criticised a couple of months ago, but he was able to silence everyone.

“He came back from a not so good moment and now he’s showing that he’s absolutely incredible. I’m very happy for Cristiano.”