New Juventus signing Matthijs De Ligt explains ‘in the Netherlands it is just strange if you do not choose Barça’ while insisting that ‘Mino Raiola  is the best in the business world for agents.’

The young defender joined Juventus earlier this week and explained to De Telegraaf the important part that agent Mino Raiola played in his transfer.

“By nature I am an introverted and modest boy; I know what Mino really is and it’s only about our relationship, not what others think about it.” He told the Dutch daily.

“I can also be a tough defender. And the negotiators of the big clubs know how it works in this world. That is why, as a young player, I found it useful to have someone next to me who would go all the way for me and only look after my interests. I have seen with my own eyes that this is the case. What I thought is true.

“I think that Mino is the best in the business world for agents. Reactions will always come and everyone in the Netherlands can have their own opinion, but only I know what Mino does for me.

“When people say he forces me to go to a club, I just have to laugh. He provides a process to get all the elements out and to make a good decision.

“He has an opinion and I have mine, but I then decide and say, “Do your thing.”

“In the Netherlands it is just strange if you do not choose Barça and then people come up with all kinds of things.

“I am very happy that I can go to Juventus because of the appreciation. I have looked purely and simply at the sporting image and yes, I outsource the salary to Mino.

“That’s his competition. But wherever I had signed: I probably would never have complained about that”