If it hadn’t been proven already, Italy’s triumphant Euro 2020 campaign cemented Giorgio Chiellini as one of the greatest defenders in his generation.

The captain led his national team to glory with some remarkable performances, even if he had to make his hands dirty at times.

The center back is celebrating his 37th birthday on Saturday, and has already renewed his Juventus contract for two more seasons.

For his part, Daniele De Rossi was also present with Azzurri as a part of Roberto Mancini’s staff, but has recently left his post in order to launch a career as a head coach.

The Roma legend gave an interview to la Gazzetta dello Sport (via ilBianconero), where he spoke about Chiellini’s importance for the team, whilst also discussing some of the incidents that took place during the final at Wembley against England.

“I found this controversy fueled by us Italians pathetic. I have seen dozens of finals in which those who lost would take off their medals. The English players stayed there for 20 minutes, they saw us raise the cup at their house, someone even applauded. What more could they have done?” said the 2006 World Cup winner.

“We won, we played better, we shouted our pride in their face. Let us not give lessons in moral, as we’re not saints either. Did they whistle our national anthem? Yes, perhaps, but how many times have our fans booed the anthems of others and Buffon had to call for applause?

“I was a tough player, and made some tough interceptions, but if you need a nasty one, then Giorgio is your man. Chiellini is the player that you’d love to have in your team. Otherwise you’d hate him.”