Mattia de Sciglio has come under fire from some Juventus fans in recent weeks after it was revealed he gave investigators the details of the agreement between Juventus and its players in the salary manoeuvre case.

The defender has been a fringe player for the Bianconeri for much of this season because of injury, but he played some minutes in their last two matches and was booed.

Some Juve fans consider him a rat for cooperating with investigators and they will continue making life hard for him on the pitch.

However, his agent has come to his defence and insists the defender is a good person and did the right thing.

Giovanni Branchini said via Calciomercato: “You can’t go into detail because it would be a crime. And with Monza he played after only one training / match four months after the last game played … And he was on the pitch 60 and spends minutes without having responsibility for the goals conceded. Those whistles are worse than a penalty. He is a very correct person and time will prove it, even to the most uninformed.”

Juve FC Says

De Sciglio must have found it hard to disclose everything to the investigators, but if he didn’t do it, another present or former Juve team member could have done it.

For now, we do not need to attack any of our players for their role in the investigation because the truth is already out.

The club should be more focused on defending itself in the case when it is time.