The father of Juventus talent, Dean Huijsen, has expressed optimism that his son will soon make his breakthrough into the Bianconeri first team.

As a young defender, Huijsen is highly regarded within the Juventus Next Gen team, where he is seen as a promising talent for the future.

In recent seasons, Juventus has shown a willingness to promote players from their Next Gen team to the senior squad, and Huijsen is considered to be part of the next group of prospects.

The development and progress Huijsen has shown have garnered praise from fans and coaches alike at the club. One indication of his confidence in his own abilities and prospects is his decision to sign a contract extension with Juventus, firmly believing that he will have the opportunity to break into the first team in the near future.

His father, Donny, was asked about his son’s chances and he said via Tuttomercatoweb;

“In the near future, he will have to be good at impressing Allegri to carve out some space for himself in the first team but now he wants to get away from everything for a week.”

Juve FC Says

Huijsen is one player we want to see thriving in our first team and the defender seems to be well on his way there.

The club will do well to take him with the first team for pre-season as that will show they have plans to use him in their senior squad in the future.