Cristiano Giuntoli and Max Allegri will be two of the most important figures at Juventus in the next few months after the executive joined the club as its sporting director.

Giuntoli comes to Turin with a lot of experience, having worked at Napoli for nearly a decade and is now one of the most successful executives in the Italian top flight.

Allegri is also one of the most successful managers in Italy, but he has won zero trophies in the last two seasons since he returned to the club.

Juve remains the biggest club in the country and just needs to get back to winning ways, which could happen if a few things are put in place.

The club already has a good base and will do well with a few additions, but the sporting director and the manager must make these decisions together if Juve is to return to previous glories and at the same time entertain the fans.

Entertainment is important as those that visit W88 know and while winning silverware is a priority, playing boring pragmatic football and not picking up trophies is completely unacceptable and that is why Giuntoli and Allegri must start making big decisions and be in harmony with those decisions.

What are those decisions that the duo need to make? Here are a few examples

Continue with the youngsters

Juve has been promoting youngsters from their Next Gen team in the last two seasons, but we know youngsters do not win trophies.

The club has to decide if they will send a number of them out on loan and replace them with experienced players who will guarantee faster success.

Cash in on their top players

Juve needs cash as they face the prospect of not playing in a European competition this season. They are already out of the Champions League, which means they will lose a lot of money.

Selling one of their top players will raise significant funds for the Black and Whites. Allegri and Giuntoli must agree if that is the best way to go and which player is ideal to sell, considering the difficulty of replacing them.

Sign transfer targets

The Bianconeri already had a lot of targets on their list before Giuntoli came through the door and he also has players he has been monitoring from his time at Napoli.

This means they may have different targets. The manager and director must sit and collapse their list into one and start working on them.

If that happens, we will not have a situation where the manager is given a player he does not want and who does not suit his style.

Focus on winning domestic competitions or also challenge in Europe 

Juventus will play in the Conference League next season if UEFA does not ban them from the competition and have to decide if they want to do well in it or focus on winning the league and the Coppa Italia.

This is a decision the manager and director must make because the club cannot afford another trophyless season.