Former Juventus striker Alessandro Del Piero has broken his silence after being linked with a return to Juventus as they search for new leaders.

The Bianconeri former president and the entire board of directors have resigned and a new leadership group needs to be formed.

Juventus always had at least one former player around the board, with Pavel Nedved being the vice-president in the last group.

Some fans have touted Del Piero to have a role to play in the group because he is one of their idols, and the striker has repeatedly said he is ready, but he will wait for the chance.

He writes on Instagram:

“Juventus is part of my life, and not even small. For my history, I will never be another one of those colors. Like all fans, I follow this event with great care and care. Even for my job and my public role, in situations like these I inevitably am asked for comments, and just as inevitably I write and say a lot. 

“However, this is a delicate moment for the club and now the only thing that matters and can be done by those who love Juventus is to put the people entrusted to the club in the best position to work, to lead it in such a complex phase a. It’s a task of great responsibility that deserves all our support, it’s time to be even more Juventus fans.”

Juve FC Says

Del Piero would be a fine addition to the next leadership group because he has the experience we need to ensure the club does everything from the place of love and understanding of its culture.

However, he is not the only former player who can return and do a good job for us.

If the leaders believe he is the best, they will pick him, but whoever they pick we will support them.