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Del Piero: ‘Dybala can be Juventus captain’

April 2, 2020 - 7:21 pm

Juventus legend Alessandro Del Piero believes Paulo Dybala has what it takes to be the future club captain while his own story with the Bianconeri is ‘a unique love story that never ends.’

The former club captain was asked about La Joya who is expected to pen a contract extension before the summer, tying him to Juventus until 2024.

“Can Dybala become the Juventus captain? I believe that on some occasions he has worn the captain’s armband,” Del Piero told Sky Sport.

“If this has already happened it is because the Juventus environment believes that he is up to par. As I know him personally and at the level of his vicissitudes on and off the field, I think Paulo’s maturity has grown a lot.

“Above all, the management of what happened this summer: the reaction that he had and the reaction that he put into play I think is emblematic to make people understand how much he has grown in personality.

“We knew that he is a player who loves to work hard and today I think he is a complete player also from that point of view.”

Del Piero spent close to 20 years in Juve’s black and white colours before moving to Australia for his swansong.

“Juventus is the team I was cheering for as a child. It’s the team I played for almost my entire career, with whom I won everything there was to win, I also won Serie B.

“That game against Atalanta was the apotheosis that goes beyond the meaning of winning cups. Those who were in that stadium that day … I can’t find the words to describe my teammates’ hug and what happened that season.

“It is unique and it is a love that obviously never ends. My story with Juve is unique. It is not easy to describe.

“Can Juve win the Champions League? Juve has the potential to win it, they also had it last season. Then there are 7/8 teams that have the same potential to win it. But Juve can do it. “

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