Alessandro Del Piero reveals he didn’t sleep on his first night in Turin and recalls his first meeting with Gianni Agnelli.

Pinturicchio arrived at Juventus in 1993 and talked about his first experiences in Turin.

“My first night in Turin I couldn’t close my eyes, regardless of the fact I was a Juventus fan,” Del Piero told Sky.

“It was a moment of total euphoria for me, I didn’t sleep very much. Then you start to realise where you are, with the proximity of teammates of such a high level.

“At first it was very difficult for me, but my teammates helped me. I found the right atmosphere, and an understanding with my teammates, the team and the club, it was the best.

“Signing my contract with Boniperti? When I was invited to see Juventus in Udine he told me ‘cut your hair’. I had already cut it…

“Then my agent and I had a plan about what we’d say when we met him, but when we entered Boniperti’s office he talked for five minutes then said: ‘this is the contract, sign it’.

“We took five minutes out to discuss it and said ‘it seems like a good offer’…

“Gianni Agnelli? I first met him at Villar Perosa in ritiro with the squad, it wasn’t a good period. He introduced himself during training with a copy of Gazzetta dello Sport and said: ‘I think you’re better than what’s written here’.

“Then he left. He chatted with some of us, but not with me. The next day though, when I scored three goals in a game, he talked to me too.”