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Del Piero: “Juventus are more vulnerable this season”

October 6, 2017

Alessandro Del Piero sees Juventus as more vulnerable this season with Napoli as their main rival for the Scudetto.

The Bianconeri legend talked about the challenge ahead for his former team and the changes to the squad, including Leo Bonucci’s departure to Milan.

“I see Juve as more vulnerable than in previous years,” Del Piero told Gazzetta dello Sport.

“I always see them as number one favourite, but with less of a margin. And this Napoli is absolutely worthy of the Scudetto.

“Sarri is a very interesting person, but above all he’s got a great football brain. You just have to look at certain goals to see they’ve got years of preparation behind them.

“This season his players are also more aware. In addition the structure of the club has grown alongside the growth on the pitch.

“ De Laurentiis has been brilliant in that, don’t forget that Napoli were in Serie B with us.

“Can they fight to the end? It’s never easy to battle on three fronts, playing almost the same players. In the long run you risk losing some of your sheen.

“They wouldn’t have wanted Milik’s injury, it limits the possibility of rotation. Sarri has created a near perfect machine, but sometimes he’ll also have to improvise and trust his whole squad.

“I’d have also liked to have Sarri as a Coach. Maybe with the knowledge of football I have now, which is much deeper than when I was 20.

“Bonucci? I remember when Leo arrived in Turin, he’s made huge progress over the years. We’re also talking about a leader and a scrupulous professional.

“Playing for Juve made him better, and he made Juve better. The club has always made changes in recent years, but a fortress like the BBC hasn’t been touched and there’s no doubt that was a serious loss.

“There’s also the fact that changing players at the back isn’t like doing it in attack, you need time to perfect movements and situations.

“Napoli will have to take advantage of the time needed to oil certain mechanisms again.

“Can Daniele Rugani replace Bonucci? It’s hard to say without working with him every day. Players have to be evaluated in the game and also on a daily basis.

“Young players with quality, like him, have to follow a certain path at Juve, they don’t just become starters overnight.

“Morata and Dybala were on the bench when they first arrived at Juve.”

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