Throughout his unmatched stint at Juventus, Alessandro Del Piero scored a plethora of wonderful freekicks. Perhaps his last one against Lazio wasn’t his most splendid, nevertheless, his importance remains unquestioned.

At the time, Juventus were embroiled in a tough Scudetto battle against Milan and desperately needed all three points when they hosted Lazio in April 2012.

While the result was 1-1, Antonio Conte introduced the legendary Italian in search for a winner. While Andrea Pirlo was mostly the designated freekick taker at the time, he decided to leave this one to Del Piero, who handed the Old Lady a precious win.

“Pirlo and myself always understood one another in a moment. Whether it’s with Juventus or the national team,” said Del Piero during an interview with Juve’s Twitch Channel via ilBianconero.

“We looked at each other and I said ‘the shot’, he said ‘sure, go’. A moment when you feel respect between two people, you don’t say it out of selfishness, you say it because you feel things.

“that’s what happened on that occasion. Then, Pirlo also became an actor with the referee and the defensive wall.”

The Padova native also revealed that Michel Platini was his childhood idol, the same man that he ended up inheriting his number 10 jersey.

“When I was a kid there were no TVs. There were only clips that I always hated. There wasn’t much to be able to do in order to be inspired, except for following icons,” he said according to another article by ilBianconero.

“As a Juventus fan, Platini used to wear the number 10 and so he became my idol, my point of reference.”