For the second time this season, Juventus fans are left to wonder how their club botched it against the newly-promoted Monza.

This time, we had eleven players on the pitch (at least until Arek Milik’s late injury) as well as the home advantage. Yet, Raffaele Palladino’s men shockingly prevailed with two unanswered goals.

Sadly, the Bianconeri currently sit 13th in the Serie A table following the 15-point deduction, and looked every bit of a mid-table team on Sunday, especially in the first half.

But for Juventus icon Alessandro Del Piero, this is no coincidence at all. He feels that the morale aspect is taking its toll on the players who are unable to produce their best on the pitch.

“Juventus are going through a critical moment. Today there were mistakes unworthy of the players themselves,” said the retired Italian striker during his appearance on Sky Calcio Club via JuventusNews24.

“They are much better than these blunders. They are victims of a psychological situation, first of all, perhaps even a physical one, which doesn’t help matters.

“What happens off the field is inflicting major damage on the whole environment. This is the greatest danger. The psychological aspect is the most alarming, as it blocks the player and prohibit him from expressing his best form.

“The team must be able to isolate itself, but it will be difficult. I am convinced that they will always be able to rely on the support of the fans, as it happened in 2006.

“The motto of ‘Fino alla fine’ is not implausible, it’s a lifestyle. Today they are faced with a complicated situation.”

The legendary number 10 endured rough patches during his time in Turin – including Calciopoli in 2006 – so he can probably relate to the current crisis.