Alessandro Del Piero has offered his response to the comparisons drawn between himself and Kenan Yildiz, the emerging Turkish teenager who is currently enjoying a breakout season at Juventus.

Yildiz’s integration into the senior squad of the Bianconeri has been met with acclaim, showcasing his talent by contributing crucial goals for the team. Notably, Yildiz has adopted a celebratory gesture, sticking his tongue out, reminiscent of the iconic celebration famously associated with Del Piero.

While acknowledging Yildiz’s promising potential and impact on the team, Del Piero understands the natural inclination to draw comparisons between emerging talents and established figures within the footballing world. In addition to being likened to Del Piero, Yildiz has also been compared to several other esteemed Juventus legends.

Speaking about the youngster recently, Del Piero said, as quoted by Calciomercato:

“He’s another young boy and I’m really happy to be next to him during his goal celebrations. I admire his initiative and his courage and I wish him the best of luck, he needs it a lot.” 

Juve FC Says

Yildiz has been a great addition to our senior team, and the comparison to Del Piero shows he is a good player.

However, there is still much time for him to reach the highest level of his career, and he is nowhere near Del Piero now.

The Juve legend’s backing and support will be helpful to Yildiz, and he is also in a dressing room full of players who have been around the game for a long time.

If he humbles himself, they will help him develop a good career.