Juventus’ flight to the USA for their tour was unfortunately delayed by a few hours, resulting in the Bianconeri missing some scheduled activities during their time in America.

The team, under the guidance of coach Max Allegri, is using the tour to prepare for the upcoming season and will kick off their friendly matches by facing Barcelona in the next few hours.

The tour serves as an opportunity for Juventus to expand their brand exposure to a new market and connect with fans in the cities they visit.

However, due to the two-hour flight delay from Italy, Juventus had to make some adjustments to their plans. Il Bianconero reports that the delay led to the cancellation of Allegri’s press conference and the open training session for fans and the press.

Despite the setback, the players will have a chance to rest and then focus on their training for the upcoming game. Juventus aims to begin the tour with a victory and make the most of their time in the USA despite the initial inconvenience caused by the flight delay.

Juve FC Says

It would have been great for the players to interact with the locals, which is one way to get more fans.

However, that is not the most important reason we have travelled and fans can watch the match to get a first-hand experience of the players.