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Demiral: ‘Ronaldo helps me’

December 10, 2019 - 12:33 pm

Juventus defender Merih Demiral revealed that Cristiano Ronaldo has helped him since joining the Bianconeri and that transfer rumours don’t interest him.

The Turkish international arrived at Juve in the summer but hasn’t played more than one game since joining the club, but in an interview with Fanatik, he explained how this hasn’t phased him.

Shortly after playing for a short time at Sassuolo, you moved to Juventus, did you expect it?

“Juventus is one of the most important teams in the world, a team with the best defenders of the past and present and, of course, it’s great to be here.

“Achieving these levels was part of my short, medium and long term plans but I didn’t think I would have arrived at Juventus so quickly “.

Juventus have very strong defenders, how do you see your chances?

“My principle is to give 100% in my training and match performance. Thanks to this principle, I always feel at ease.

“Then the coach makes his choices and it is not up to me to comment on them. But I have to emphasize that my goal is always to fight to play “.

How did your teammates welcome you after the transfer?

“What struck me most was the fact that when I came to J Medical for medical checks, our captain Chiellini came to see me, even if the team was on vacation.

“I was very pleased. The first time that I arrived, Emre Can helped me a lot to get to know the club. Mentally, Cristiano is always ready to help me. ”

Games in Serie A and now with Turkey you will face Italy in the EURO’s. Is it emotional for you?

“Italy is a strong team. They demonstrated this by not losing games in the group stage. The opening match of the tournament is between Italy and Turkey and for me it was a nice surprise.

“As we always do, we’ll give our best. I know their players, Chiellini came to me in the locker room and told me: “We are stronger than you.” I turned to Matuidi and said: “We have defeated the world champions.” Matuidi then concluded : “But France finished first in the group.” We all laughed together, I love this fun part of the sport.

There are many rumors about your possible transfer …

“I heard these voices like you. But as I said, one of my goals is to try to give 100% in my field performance in every game and training.

“As long as I do it, things are likely to be good for me. As always, I continue to focus on my work. Then my team takes care of the market.”

How was your first meeting with Ronaldo, how was he with you?

“Seeing that I spoke Portuguese with (Joao) Cancelo before he left for Manchester City, Ronaldo came to me and told me he was happy that I spoke Portuguese.

“He said to me: “Oh, a Turkish person who speaks Portuguese!”. Since then we have always spoken Portuguese.

“He’s a very warm person. He’s teaching me new Portuguese words. He’s helping me figure out what to do on the field.

“He warns me if I do something wrong. I think Ronaldo is the best in the world. It’s my chance to be part of his team!”

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