Dejan Kulusevski has had an indifferent first season at Juventus and even he would know that we expected a lot more from him when he joined the Bianconeri in the summer.

The Swede was signed as one of the first of many young players that could join Juve in the coming years.

The Bianconeri has shifted their focus towards reducing the average age of their team and that is why they signed him.

Although his first campaign has been very inconsistent, Calciomercato says the Bianconeri are keen to keep hold of him.

They know that other teams want to sign him and Manchester United even enquired about his signature recently, but they turned down the enquiry.

He is just 21 and they signed him because they see him as an investment in their future team.

This has been a tough campaign for Juve and they might end it outside the Italian top four.

Changes would be needed and Andrea Pirlo might even lose his job, but the club will keep Kulusevski and they are betting on him to become one of the biggest stars in Italy in the not-so-distant future.