Juventus’ director, Cristiano Giuntoli, has stated that the club will not make any more signings this month after securing the acquisition of Tiago Djalo. The Portuguese defender has joined Juventus from Lille, strengthening their defensive lineup, with the club eager to beat Inter in securing his signature. Although Djalo could have been acquired as a free agent in the summer, Juventus opted to pay a fee to bring him into the squad immediately.

Giuntoli believes that Djalo will be the sole signing for Juventus this month, surprising many fans who had anticipated reinforcements in the midfield. Despite the team’s strong performance this season, with the possibility of winning the title in the summer, there is a general belief that Juventus needs to strengthen its midfield.

However, Calciomercato reveals that, despite Giuntoli’s comments, Juventus remains open to the idea of signing a new midfielder. The Bianconeri will consider making a move if a low-cost option capable of fulfilling the team’s requirements becomes available. Otherwise, the club is inclined to rely on its current squad and aim for success with the existing group of players.

Juve FC Says

We have a strong squad, but after losing Paul Pogba and Nicolo Fagioli, we expect to do much better on the market before it closes.