Paolo di Canio has shared his thoughts on Dusan Vlahovic’s struggles at Juventus and placed the blame on the striker himself.

Vlahovic joined Juventus as one of Serie A’s top strikers, showcasing his goal-scoring prowess at Fiorentina. The Bianconeri made a substantial investment in his transfer, offering a significant salary based on his impressive performances in Florence.

However, since his move to Juventus, Vlahovic has struggled to find the back of the net consistently and has not lived up to expectations. In an attempt to mitigate their losses, Juventus reportedly tried to offload him during the summer transfer window.

While some fans and pundits have attributed Vlahovic’s difficulties to Max Allegri’s style of play, Paolo di Canio believes that the striker himself is not capitalising on his time on the pitch. According to Di Canio, the responsibility for Vlahovic’s struggles lies with the player rather than the manager.

He said, as quoted by Tuttomercatoweb:

“Is it the player’s fault or the team’s fault? A few months ago, I would have answered 50/50, today I say 75% Vlahovic’s fault. If you are strong, however, frustrated you may be by the few scoring opportunities, you have to apply yourself; you have to commit yourself to manage the few balls that come your way. 

“In Florence, he was “on fire”, he always believed in it because he was very involved, he played with joy. With Juve, it’s obvious that everything is different, even in terms of pressure, but I discovered some fragilities in him, in his choices, in not being intelligent in terms of football when he encounters difficulties.”

Juve FC Says

Di Canio is right; no player is bigger than the whole team, and Vlahovic should be working hard to adapt to how the team plays instead of the other way.