Angel di Maria experienced a season of highs and lows during his tenure with Juventus in the previous term. The Argentine player showcased impressive performances in certain matches while struggling to make an impact in others.

As the season progressed, particularly due to his notable contributions in the Europa League, there were expectations that Di Maria would secure a new contract with the club. However, his form declined once more as the campaign neared its conclusion.

Unfortunately for Di Maria, Juventus’ failure to qualify for the Champions League proved to be a turning point. The club opted to cancel plans for his contract extension, ultimately due to the team’s inability to secure a Champions League spot.

Presently, Di Maria has found a new home at Benfica in Portugal, marking a return to his first European club. He has recently broken his silence on his experiences at Juventus, shedding light on the circumstances that unfolded during his time there

The World Cup winner said, as quoted by Tuttojuve:

“It was a difficult year for the club. I honestly never understood what happened during the season. I tried to figure out what was going on and do my duty when I had to play. I didn’t play much and ultimately resented it. 

“Failure to renew? I had several talks with the Juve managers, but that wasn’t what I had discussed with the coach. Sometimes you realize that words aren’t worth much.”

Juve FC Says

Di Maria had some very good games on our books and he was unplayable in some of those matches.

However, the attacker also had some poor games and he knew things had to be better when we banked on him.

He has left now and we need to focus on the players that we have on our hands and see how they will perform.