Juan Cuadrado’s move from Juventus to Inter Milan is quite surprising, considering the fierce rivalry between the two clubs in Italian football. Cuadrado had been a passionate defender of the Juventus shirt during his nearly decade-long stint with the Bianconeri, making his decision to join their rivals, Inter, all the more intriguing.

In this intense rivalry, it is quite uncommon for a player to make such a move, transferring to one side after playing for the other. While the exact reasons for Cuadrado’s decision remain unclear, journalist Massimo Pavan has suggested that there might be some element of revenge in his choice.

The underlying motivation behind Cuadrado’s move to Inter remains a subject of speculation and debate among fans and experts alike. Only time will reveal the full story behind this significant transfer, and it will certainly be an interesting development to watch as the new season unfolds.

He tells Tuttojuve:

“The situation with Cuadrado is quite paradoxical, considering the insults he received in the past and those he is currently receiving. I did not expect his choice to go to Inter, perhaps there is also a bit of a spirit of revenge involved.”

Juve FC Says

Cuadrado was one of our leaders in the dressing room and that is one reason it is a big deal he moved to Inter Milan.

However, after deciding not to renew his contract, we cannot dictate where he would go next and must understand that he has the liberty to pick his next club without considering how we would feel.