Juventus fans had anticipated a busy January transfer window, especially after losing key players in the first half of the season. The Bianconeri had not conducted significant business at the end of the previous campaign, underscoring the need to strengthen their squad.

However, Max Allegri worked his magic before the close of 2023, propelling his Bianconeri team to the top of the league standings. This feat was remarkable, given the formidable quality of Inter Milan and their superior performance compared to Juventus. Allegri’s impressive track record, winning six league titles with AC Milan and Juventus, garnered newfound respect for Juventus, perhaps leading them to overestimate their squad’s quality.

A good number of fans were probably dreaming of winning the Scudetto at this moment, the odds would have been attractive and when you claim free bets on bet365 you would have got even more value for your money backing the Bianconeri and that feeling of success appears to have been running through the club itself.

Confident in their ability to challenge for the Serie A title and secure a top-four spot, Juventus found solace in emerging talent Kenan Yildiz, who made a breakthrough from the academy at the end of 2023, providing Allegri with a valuable option.

Juve’s prolific scoring in the Coppa Italia led them to adopt a “if it’s not broken, why fix it?” mentality. However, when the January transfer window reopened, the anticipation for significant movements was high, given the availability of numerous players.

Surprisingly, Juventus only added Tiago Djalo to their defence, asserting satisfaction with their current squad. This decision disappointed many fans who had expected midfield reinforcements. In a last-minute move, they secured Carlos Alcaraz on loan from Southampton. Still, the Argentine fell short of the calibre of experienced players like Jordan Henderson, and Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, whom Juventus had expressed interest in before the window opened.

The feel-good factor Juventus enjoyed at the end of 2023 has dissipated, as the Black and Whites find themselves winless in four consecutive matches, losing two of them. The failure to bolster the squad with quality players in January has left Juventus regretful, especially since they now have no opportunity to make improvements until the end of the season.

While financial limitations may be a constraint, it’s not a valid excuse for overlooking obvious red flags and neglecting squad improvement in January. Juventus must now make the most of the players at their disposal, regaining form promptly to avoid the risk of missing out on a top-four place.