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“Did you have the visuals covered?” Materazzi reacts to handball incident in Juventus game

March 20, 2023 - 7:30 pm

Former Inter Milan defender Marco Materazzi furiously reacted to the handball in the build-up to Juventus’ goal against the Nerazzurri yesterday.

The Bianconeri won the game by a solitary goal, but the opponents claim there was an obvious handball in the build-up, which should have been spotted.

The VAR checks did not confirm this and the strike was allowed to stand.

Juve is now looking to get more wins as they close in on a top-four spot despite losing 15 league points.

The black and whites’ win did not go down well with Materazzi, with Football Italia revealing he went on his social media page to show his anger.

The former defender wrote

“And then, they ask why! Did you have the visuals covered?”

Juve FC Says

Materazzi is Inter Milan through and through and we do not expect him to be happy with the outcome of the game when his team does not win.

The ex-defender is one of the many people affiliated with the Milan club who wanted their side to win, so as it did not go their way, we expect a reaction from them.

That game will not be replayed no matter how much they cry and the best option might be for them to forget about it and focus on their next games.

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    Õla March 20, 2023 at 10:26 pm

    Italian football is starting to be messy. The referees and the FA are returning the league to stone age.