On Wednesday morning, Gleison Bremer arrived to the J-Medical center as he prepares to complete as switch from Torino to Juventus. However, Torino director Davide Vagnati didn’t expect this outcome at all.

The Granata official shared his predictions with the rest of the world back in February 18, but unfortunately for him, they were spectacularly off the mark.

“Bremer to Juve? A player who has worn the Granata shirt as he has done in recent years, and with great professionalism, I can say that he will make different choices,” he told DAZN at the time, as we were reminded by ilBianconero.

“I can say it without a shadow of a doubt,” added the director last winter.

Juve FC say

At the time, Torino thought they had a deal with Inter for their star defender. Little did they know that the Nerazzurri were going to stall in the negotiations and struggle to come forward with a satisfying bid.

Thus, the Granata resorted to their crosstown rivals who saved them from the fruitless negotiations with Inter.

At the end of the day, Torino will be happy to collect the paycheck, even if it has Juve’s seal on it. After all, it’s not as it the two clubs are direct rivals in the table.

But for Vagnati, he probably wishes he hadn’t made those unnecessary remarks, especially in the presence of cheeky reporters who wouldn’t miss on the opportunity to embarrass a rival director.