Juventus endured a stunning 4-2 defeat against Sassuolo tonight, marking the end of their unbeaten streak for the season in disappointing fashion.

Max Allegri’s squad had been in outstanding form leading up to the match, sparking optimism among fans that they would secure a victory. However, Sassuolo had different intentions and aimed to disrupt Juventus with their quick pace.

Despite Juventus’ efforts to keep up with Sassuolo’s tempo, the well-organised Black and Greens proved superior in the speed department. It was a contest for which Juventus appeared unprepared, and the scoreline could have been even more unfavourable if the home side hadn’t squandered numerous scoring opportunities.

After the game, pundit Giovanni Capuano tweeted:

“Disconcerting performance from Juventus, clear and deserved defeat.

“Too many individual errors ( Szczesny and Gatti ) and team errors, undermined by the pace of Sassuolo. He was right Allegri on the eve to preach prudence.

“Heavy KO in the first week in which the Bianconeri had to enjoy the advantage of not making the cups.”

Juve FC Says

We deserved our loss against Sassuolo as we had a very poor game and this should make the boys do better in the next match.

It was a horrific performance from them and there is no excuse for why they were so poor and unorganised in the fixture.