Nicolo Fagioli cooperated with the authorities by confessing to his gambling addiction. The Juventus midfielder played a pivotal role in the case, providing valuable information that also implicated other players in the country.

As a result, he is now facing a seven-month ban for violating betting regulations. However, Fagioli’s confession to the authorities was expected to remain confidential.

He had confided in the authorities in confidence, hoping for a more lenient punishment and to aid in the investigation. Unfortunately, his confession was leaked to the public.

According to a report on Tuttojuve, several media outlets have obtained this information, and one of them even published excerpts on their Instagram page, which deeply upset the midfielder.

The report suggests that Fagioli responded to the leak by commenting with a vomiting emoji under the post, expressing his strong disapproval.

Juve FC Says

Fagioli must realise that his confession was unlikely to remain private indefinitely, as there are individuals who are willing to leak such information from the prosecutor’s office.

As a club, we have experienced a difficult few months, but we’ve encountered more formidable challenges in the past and have emerged stronger.

Now, we need to shift our attention away from Fagioli while he serves his ban and concentrate on working with the players currently available to us.