Juventus has been in the news for capital gains after it emerged they have paid some of their players outside their financial statement and lied that the salaries had been forfeited.

It emerged earlier that they had agreed to pay Cristiano Ronaldo around 20m euros outside their budget, an illegal dealing that will certainly cause them problems.

Now investigators seem to have found evidence that they also owe Paulo Dybala some money.

A report on Tuttomercatoweb reveals investigators believe the Bianconeri owe the Argentinian around 5m euros which is an outstanding payment found in one of their documents.

Juve FC Says

Clubs enter into agreements with their players all the time which are meant to be private between both parties. It does not mean it is illegal and it makes little sense for authorities to question all our agreements and transactions.

The club should be given some breathing space unless the investigators are sure the agreement has links to something fraudulent, which might not be the case.

However, we expect to be able to defend everything on our account statement in front of the authorities and hope they see it the way we do.

If they don’t we could be in trouble, but our lawyers should be able to fight and win this battle for us.