Former Juventus midfielder Domenico Marocchino has not enjoyed watching the Bianconeri this season, and he has spoken about their poor form.

This has been one of Juve’s worst start to a season in the last decade, and it keeps getting worse.

When they win a game and give the fans something to cheer, they could lose two more in quick succession, which will show just why they are not at the required level yet.

It has been a hard season for the Bianconeri fans, and Marocchino spoke about the club’s problems recently.

He said via Tuttomercatoweb:

“The problems are there and they can be seen. In my opinion, a director is missing, an important name. A team is a group, so matching all mentalities and focusing everyone on the same thought is not easy. When he puts everything he has on the pitch, he is able to give the best of himself, if there are limits it is not his fault. Players have to give it their all, but it’s not always easy. It is not an easy situation.

“We must try to make a grouping, to make a square even if we collect little. Football is a collective game and when things don’t turn out very well, putting them back together isn’t easy. If everyone is rowing in the same direction, however, something more can come out. “

Juve FC Says

We are capable of being better than we are now as a club, and Maroccan knows.

The players have simply lacked the cohesion needed to score goals and keep clean sheets.

Until they find the right balance, we will continue to struggle in this campaign, and it could cost us a place in the Champions League.