Dusan Vlahovic agreed a megamove to Juventus in January with the tag DV7 widely being spread across social media, but he has recently removed that from his Instagram bio.

The Serbian arrived in Turin with big expectations, vying for top goalscorer with Ciro Immobile in the Italian division, as well as ranking as one of the highest goalscorers across Europe in the calendar year of 2021.

Giving him the shirt number of previously held by Cristiano Ronaldo was a huge statement by both player and club, but having the same impact was never going to be a foregone conclusion, and I can’t help but believe that it was likely a selling ploy by the club, one which they are now happy to backtrack on.

Vlahovic’s new number going into the new season is now being speculated, with Football.Italia claiming he could well be set to take the number 9 jersey off of Alvaro Morata, who may not be at the club beyond his current loan spell.

I can’t help but believe that it will be a positive change for him to get back to his own shirt number, and concentrate on being himself, a strong striker who will torment defences in his own way.

I was never a fan of the DV7 link, but will get behind a DV9 tag should one come about, and have no doubts that he will continue doing what he is doing and build on his bright start to life in Turin.