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Dybala: ‘I didn’t think i’d miss football this much’

May 4, 2020 - 6:23 pm

Paulo Dybala confesses “I never thought I was going to miss playing and practising that much” and reveals how the lockdown bought yoga into his daily routine.

“To tell you the truth, I never thought I was going to miss playing and practising that much,” he said during the Instagram interview.

“I feel like I need to practice, see my teammates and friends and at least touch the ball because practice at home isn’t the same on my own.

“I need to put my boots on and run, score a goal… As I always say, when you are passionate you make everything twice as important.

“It’s been too long without practising. We don’t know exactly when we’ll be back. It’s not like a holiday, when you know you’ll be resting for a certain amount to time.

“I know my only job is to relax and keep in good shape, but nothing major as opposed to now.

“It started as being one week, then one more, then one more, so I practice here but it’s not the same.a

“I’ve been practising at home, since I had the chance to bring some training gear home and we don’t know when practice will resume, so I need to keep up with it.

“Being isolated at home for such a long time made me feel like trying new things. For example, I found a new passion – yoga. I love it and I realised it’s been helping me a lot.”

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