Paulo Dybala explained the difference between Max Allegri and Maurizio Sarri and how he shares his ideas with the current Juventus coach.

La Joya has played a prominent role this season having featured in a deeper position when playing under previous coach Max Allegri.

“The differences between Allegri and Sarri? At Juve Allegri he asked me to assist Mandzukic, as Vazquez did with me at Palermo,” Dybala told AFA Play.

“I was doing the linking, I had to sacrifice myself defensively and perform three tasks. In the following years the coach gave me total freedom of movement, and so I started playing attacker, midfielder and winger.

“I was doing what he wanted. Even with Sarri I already play in three roles and with Ronaldo I am finding a great connection.

“My character? I am very demanding with myself, I often ask myself what I am doing wrong and how I can improve.

“This you have to do for the greater reason if you play in Juventus, where you can always fight for something important, including the Champions League.

“I often talk to the coach, we discuss our ideas without problems.”

The Argentine has been compared with another Bianconeri legend, Omar Sivori.

“Here they love him, at the stadium and at the museum there are many of his photographs. My brother and I met his son in a hotel in the center.

“It is an honour to be compared to him, he was an incredible player and a very important figure in the history of the club. “