Paulo Dybala has denied reports that he has the  Coronavirus and has urged everyone to stay at home during the pandemic.

The Juventus forward has been in self-isolation since last week amidst reports from South American media that he had COVID-19, a suggestion he calls false.

“We are one big team, no cheering for this or that, or political colours. The only advice I want to give everyone is to stay at home, as I am doing,” Dybala said on his Instagram account.

“A false rumour had appeared about me contracting COVID-19. This is not the case, although obviously I am obeying the period of voluntary isolation like everyone else.

“In the next few days, I will know the outcome of the tests. I hope I don’t have the virus, but if I do, I’ll continue in quarantine.

“I want to thank the doctors and the hospital nurses who are putting their health at risk but are giving an incredible hand. I also wanted to greet people who have lost loved ones.

“People are working very hard to find a cure, and I hope you find it soon so there will be no more cases.

“In Italy it’s spreading quickly, and we hope it will be resolved soon.

“Let’s try to explain that this virus isn’t to be underestimated, because now we are talking about Italy as the country in which we are the most infected and we don’t want this to happen in Argentina, where perhaps someone doesn’t understand the reality of the situation.

“Be careful and respect the rules.”