Juventus forward Paulo Dybala says he ‘admires’ former teammate Paul Pogba, saying they ‘shared great things and hopefully can repeat that someday.’

The pair are still close friends after Pogba’s stint in Turin ended, and stay in touch following the Frenchman’s move to Manchester United.

While showcasing his shirt collection in an interview to UEFA, Dybala singled out his former teammates for particular praise.

“I couldn’t overlook a shirt like this, of course. It’s from Manchester, my friend Paul [Pogba], whom I admire as a person even more than as a football player,” said La Joya.

“I had the chance to share great things with him and hopefully I can repeat that someday. But regarding the game that day, it was unforgettable playing at a stadium like Old Trafford, one of the most important stadiums in the world. You go in and you feel the atmosphere in the air and you breathe it in.

“They played under [José] Mourinho, one of the most successful managers in history in terms of winning. It wasn’t an easy game. We won 1-0 with a goal I scored, although I was a bit lucky because the ball bounced in front of me very close to the goal.

“To score and to win a game in that way makes it even sweeter and to be able to swap shirts with your friend is one of the most beautiful things you can do in football.”