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Dybala image rights hindering deal?

August 4, 2019 - 11:28 am

Reports from Italy suggest issues with Paulo Dybala’s image rights are slowing the potential transfer exchange for Manchester United’s Romelu Lukaku.

Juve and United have reportedly agreed an exchange and the Bianconeri have also agreed terms with the Belgian striker, however Dybala is reportedly not keen on a move to the Premier League club which in turn is slowing down the deal.

Sky Sport Italia and Guardian journalist Fabrizio Romano recapped the deal as such:

– Dybala does not want to leave Juventus – the issues he would need to resolve with United are threefold and his entourage have made these known to Juventus sporting director Fabio Paratici.

– Paratici has returned to Turin after 3 days of intense negotiations because he couldn’t return with documents and contracts signed for the exchange with Lukaku as there was still a lot to do on the Dybala side.

– The main problem concerns image rights that are of a high value. Dybala’s contract and management of his image rights is important and includes delicate exit clauses. United for now, don’t agree on these due to the high commissions asked by Paulo’s entourage.

– United have not yet reached an agreement with Dybala on a contract; the Argentine would like the review the clause of 25% of potential salary to be revised in case of failure to qualify for the Champions League and this is being discussed with Ed Woodward.

A further report in today’s Gazzetta Dello Sport suggests that Dybala has asked for €12m plus bonuses and another €15m commission for agent Jorge Antun.

Alonsgide this, the players former agents Star Image have reportedly contacted United and warned against a transfer as they are currently in legal action against Dybala for breach of contract after he left them for a new agency in 2017.

The agreement between La Joya and Star Image was signed for 10 years, menaing future image rights could potentially reach a higher amount.

Star Image are reportedly preparing to file paperwork with the International Chamber of Commerce later this week which could result in a liability of up to €40m for Dybala.

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