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Dybala is angry after Juventus fans criticised his latest move

March 24, 2023 - 11:59 pm

Juventus’ fans have recently criticised Paulo Dybala after rumours revealed he intends to sue the club for some payments he is due.

The black and whites owe him 3m euros and the rumours claim he could sue for an additional 50m euros after they withdrew the contract both parties initially agreed on.

Fans have just listened to the rumours and ran with it, which the AS Roma man did not find appealing.

A report on Football Italia claims he is angry at the reactions from the Juve fans.

Juve FC Says

Dybala should know that we loved him when he played for us but we will also have a serious hatred for him if he does anything to hurt the club now.

Fighting the club for 50m euros is ridiculous and could forever tarnish his image at the Allianz Stadium.

However, fans must not be too quick to make judgements and have to wait for the truth to emerge before attacking him.

Dybala seems to enjoy life in Rome and we must do all we can to honour our agreement and pay him his outstanding 3m euros payment.

This will help clean our image in a tough time like this when the club is going through a challenging period.

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