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Dybala: “Juventus should not fear anyone”

December 9, 2016

Paulo Dybala believes Juventus “can beat anybody” in the Champions League while coach Max Allegri believes the Bianconeri will have to ‘have to face them all’ at some stage.

The young Argentine striker made his return to action in Juve’s 2-0 victory over Dinamo, securing Juventus a place in the last-16 as well as top spot in Group H. The Champions League draw could be unkind to Juve at this stage, but you can get the latest casino promo codes for the best possible offers available.

“Playing is not the same thing as training, so I was really eager to get back on the field,” Dybala told Mediaset.

“I feel good today and over the last few days haven’t had any pain. I cannot say if I’m ready to play 90 minutes, but I am ready for a few more minutes than I got this evening.”

Despite topping the group, Juventus may yet have to face the likes of Bayern Munich and Paris St. Germain.

“I don’t mind which team we get, because we should not fear anyone. With the players we’ve got, we can beat any opponent.”

Dybala was asked if he could fit into the a treqartista role behind two strikers.

“That is a question for the Coach, not me. I have no problems playing as a trequartista and am happy in any attacking role.”

Juve coach Max Allegri made some significant tactical changes to the starting lineup ahead of the match and offered his reasons for the changed formation.

“I changed system because we needed an extra man in the middle of the park, as we were a little slow.

“The second half was a little better and Dinamo opened up after the first goal, then dropped off physically and it became easier for us.

“This season we hadn’t yet won a Champions League game on home turf, so this result is certainly positive.

“Using Miralem Pjanic as a trequartista is an option that we can use during a game as well as from the start. He did well there on Sunday, less so today because there were fewer spaces, but he still had some good moves.

“Juan Cuadrado struggled tonight. The diamond midfield allows us to have more players in the middle, but the first half system was also one that allowed us to win 12 games in Serie A. It’s all about giving the opponent few reference points.”

Allegri was asked about Monday’s draw and the prospect of facing one of Europe’s ‘big’ teams.

“It all depends on the ball that gets pulled out from the pot. In any case, sooner or later we’re going to have to face them all.”

“We are not lacking anything and should make the most of our players. We just need to improve in terms of our team football and organisation.”

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