Paulo Dybala believes Juventus players did the right thing in agreeing a salary cut while contracting the Coronavirus made him afraid at first.

La Joya is close to finishing his period in self-isolation having tested positive for COVID-19 almost two weeks ago.

Speaking to the Afa Play website, Dybala explained what it was like to have the Coranavirus while also talking about Juventus teammates Cristiano Ronaldo.

“It’s a psychological thing, at first you’re afraid but now it’s okay,” Dybala told the website.

“We’ve had no symptoms these last few days. Before I got tired faster, I wanted to train but after five minutes I was already out of breath.

“We understood that something was not right, then the tests revealed that we were positive for the virus. Every day many people die here, things go very badly.

“Cases are no longer managed, which is why many countries have sent their doctors. You have to be careful. People have to stay home. ”

La Joya also spoke about his relationship with Lionel Messi, having famously said that the two of them cannot play alongside each other.

“My words about him? Maybe I should have said it differently, I never try to criticize my teammates.

“I also talked to him about it. Tactically we are very similar. I would have liked to give more to Argentina and achieve better results both in the group and on a personal level.

“I played little in the World Cup and the America’s Cup, but I have always respected the decisions of the coaches, playing for the national team is prestigious.”

Dybala has played for two seasons alongside Cristiano Ronaldo and formed a strong bond, on and off the pitch.

“None of us knew him personally, but as soon as he arrived we discovered an excellent guy, very sociable and always available. I was really surprised, obviously in a positive way.

“During a trip I said to him ‘In Argentina we dislike you a little for the way you are sometimes, but as far as I’m concerned, I met a different person. You surprised me.’ he laughed and replied: ‘I am as I am. I am used to receiving these criticisms'”.

The Juventus team has agreed to take a pay-cut amounting to €90m to help the team in the long-term, an initiate headed by club captain Giorgio Chiellini.

“Chiellini talked to the president, then to the group. We talked about it in chat, there were different opinions, there were players who were missing a game or two to reach a clause, but this was the best thing to do.”