John Elkann has reacted to Juventus’ punishment for capital gains and insists it could cause problems for the Italian top flight.

The Bianconeri have been deducted 15 points for what prosecutors believe is a deliberate use of capital gains and now the club must appeal.

Losing 15 points from their total means Juve will probably not play in the Champions League next season.

The club is focused on winning more points on the pitch, but Elkann believes this judgement will set the wrong example in the league.

He said via Football Italia:

“The injustice of this sentence is evident, many have noted it, even those who aren’t Juventus fans. We will defend ourselves firmly to protect the interest of Juve fans and all those who love football.

“The future of Serie A is at stake, it’s becoming marginal and irrelevant. Juventus are the most loved and followed Italian team, they represent our national football.”

Juve FC Says

We remain one of the biggest clubs in the world and the biggest in Serie A, which puts us in a position to make some major decisions.

But that also exposes us to authorities, which is why we have received this points deduction.

But As one of the most important clubs in the country, if this trend continues, other sides in the league system might not survive as we will.