Former Juventus man Emanuele Giaccherini believes the return of Alessandro Del Piero to the club is imminent.

The former Juventus president and his board have resigned and a new one will be formed next month.

Usually, one prominent ex-player sits on the board with Pavel Nedved occupying such a role in the previous board.

However, they have resigned now and the Bianconeri will likely find another prominent club legend to fill a role in the new leadership.

Speaking about the possibility of Del Piero returning to the club, Giaccherini said via Tuttomercatoweb:

“I think Alex is the right person that Juve needs today. And not only for the rich past of triumphs but for the depth of the man. His return to Juve, sooner or later, seems obvious to me and not only as symbol character .”

Juve FC Says

Del Piero is one of our best former players and he is loved by most of the club’s fans. It is clear that the fans and ex-players favour his return in an official capacity.

With Agnelli gone, the former striker is good enough to take a prominent role as Paolo Maldini has at AC Milan right now.

However, we must allow the new leadership to do their work and back no matter who they select.