As we all know by now, Juventus have already been deducted 15 points due to the capital gains trial, but are now facing further punishment through the so-called Prisma investigation.

This case revolves around the allegedly illegal salary maneuvers conducted by Andrea Agnelli’s former management during the Covid-19 pandemic.

But in a controversial twist, an old video emerged showing one of the public prosecutors in the Prisma case declaring his love for Napoli as well as his clear resentment towards the Old Lady.

“I admit it, I’m a huge fan of Napoli and I hate Juventus,” said Ciro Santoriello in 2019 as reported by la Gazzetta dello Sport.

“As a public prosecutor, I am anti-Juventus, against thievery on the pitch,” he added.

This revelation unsurprisingly erupted a major debate on social media, and even the Italian sports minister Andrea Abodi had to take action. He confirmed that he took note of the event and reported it to the appropriate authorities.

Juve FC say

This isn’t the first time that Juventus get prosecuted by persons with allegiances for rival clubs. Now whether this revelation will truly change anything in the course of the investigation remains to be seen.

But even if Santoriello gets replaced, we can still expect the prosecution office to maintain the same stance towards the club.