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Emre Can: ‘Allegri is a tactical master’

April 10, 2019 - 2:46 pm

Emre Can hails Juventus coach Max Allegri as a tactical master while praising Cristiano Ronaldo who ‘is very friendly, a guy with his feet on the ground.’

The German midfielder was asked about the impact of Ronaldo’s arrival at the club and the difference he has made.

“The Ronaldo effect is enormous, on the city, on the club and on the League. Everyone talks about him,” Can told DAZN.

“Everyone talks about the great player but, for me, the person counts first, and he is very friendly, a guy with his feet on the ground.

“Allegri is a tactical master. He always finds new solutions in every game, changes the formation in every match and takes care of every detail.

“Furthermore, as a person he is fun, even if I don’t completely understand him as he is Tuscan and speaks with a dialect that is very difficult to understand.

“I have already complained about Klopp’s training, but we do much more running here.

“Klopp was disappointed when he heard I was leaving Liverpool.

“However, I explained to him that I wanted a new adventure and he understood. He knew it wasn’t a choice against him or the club, but simply for a new challenge at Juventus.

“I still hear from him and I will always be grateful to Liverpool. So far everything has gone well, but we haven’t won anything yet.

“We want to win the Scudetto and the Champions League, and I have an incredible desire to lift that cup for both the club and the city.

“Our rivals are strong, now we face an Ajax side that eliminated Real Madrid, but we are a strong side and if use our qualities, I’m sure we will reach the semi-finals.”

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