Emre Can’s former youth coach Antonio Magliariri has revealed why he believes the young midfielder chose to join Juventus.

The 24-year-old German international completed his Juventus medical on Thursday and hinted his youth coach had told him that he would play for the Bianconeri one day.

Speaking to Gazzetta Dello Sport, Antonio Magliarisi revealed that he had an influence on Can as a youngster and may have had some say on his decision to join Juve.

“I still have goosebumps, if I think about it, my eyes fill with tears,” Magliarisi told the Italian daily.

“In the evening he then wrote to me: ‘If I am here [at Juventus] it is also your success, the dream has come true.

“Emre is still the same child, very polite and shy, who stayed with me: I know that he will never change. In his family life and in the field, he has learned respect.

“….he was raised in the Juventus myth, with Del Piero as a reference. I told him: ‘Look at him, you have to kick like him’. In my house he has always seen a shrine dedicated to the old Lady: for those like me, Juve represents the Italian sentiment. I like to think that, almost unconsciously, I transmitted this attraction to him.

“I am an immigrant like his father and his mother from Turkey: I know what it means to grow in another country, to be looked at with different eyes, having to earn the hardship and work of appreciation of the nation that welcomed you.

“His parents are humble and honest, they worked late into the evening. I took Emre back home and I would have to leave him alone, outside the front door. I didnt like it, so I took him to my house at weekends and he stayed with me.

“He always knew that if he went to Juventus, I would have been the happiest man on Earth, but I told him him that he had to make the best choice for his career….so never go to Inter!

“Last year I told him that he was not ready for Juventus, now he is 110% ready: it will be devastating. Meanwhile, I begin to give him lessons in Italian: he will learn quickly because he has a great memory, as well as a big heart.

“Once while I was taking him home as a kid, he saw a cabriolet in front of us & said ‘Look how nice that car is, when I can afford it I will buy it for you’. It was just talk. 18 years later Emre shows up at my house with a bunch of keys and says ‘Promise kept’.

“He had just given me a cabriolet. He knows I don’t need it, I want his love and not the money, but it was his way of saying thank you. But another gift would make me happy … The Champions league! Give it to me soon because I can not wait any longer…”

[Image from Juventus.com]