UEFA and FIFA have suffered a massive blow after the European Court ruled against their monopoly on football competitions.

They were taken to court by the proponents of the European Super League, who have been seeking to create a breakaway competition for some time.

They have continued to refine their ideas after fans rejected the initial proposal, which did not include all European teams.

Juventus and several teams that were initially involved have since turned their backs on the Super League.

However, Barcelona and Real Madrid continue to fight and have enlisted a company to work on their efforts to create an acceptable tournament.

The future of the competition largely depended on the outcome of the European Court ruling. Calciomercato reveals that the court has ruled against UEFA’s monopoly, essentially permitting the Super League proponents to create their own competition.

Juve FC Says

This is a significant blow for UEFA, but it does not mean the Super League will succeed immediately.

The organisers do not exactly have support from football fans after their initial idea was hardly inclusive.

Juve and several other sides who had abandoned the effort may now reconsider their stance and could return if the Super League offers them more money than UEFA does.