The European Super League caused a major uproar among football fans earlier in the year and most of the clubs who signed up to the idea have abandoned it and returned to UEFA.

Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid have refused to back down and although the idea has been frustrated, it hasn’t been abandoned yet.

Calciomercato reports that it is still very much in the pipeline and instead of abandoning it, the protagonists are working on modifying it.

The report claims that they have hired a firm, Flint, to help them make changes to the competition that might make it acceptable.

The competition had previously guaranteed a place in it for the founding members, which is one thing that made fans dislike the idea.

The report claims one of the fresh changes to it at the moment is for a fair competition which means teams would be relegated and promoted based on sporting merit.

This is one change the organisers hope will help them gain more support from fans around the world.

With the others already back in UEFA and the English clubs likely not to join another effort, it seems this idea is best to be buried now.