Juventus has had a tough season off the field as the club battles some legal troubles and tries to correct some wrongs.

They have lost some league points as a punishment and face the prospect of not playing in Europe next season.

This is a big deal and could disrupt the on-field momentum of the players if there is no good leadership.

When the club’s board is experiencing a transition, the coach, Max Allegri, shouldered the responsibility of keeping the team focused and earning results.

FIFA council member and Juve fan Evelina Christillin has now praised the gaffer and says he is the only one keeping things together at the moment.

She says via Calciomercato:

“One only has to thank Allegri who kept the bar straight in such a complicated situation. It has exceptional merits. Coach so serious and so senior, I think he is given this new managerial role on purpose. Right now he is a man alone in command.”

Juve FC Says

This has been such a troubling time for us as a club, and we should give Allegri credit for ensuring his team continues to produce.

If the 15-point deduction is reversed, we will be in a solid position on the league table and can build on that to challenge for the title next season.