Antonio Cassano never misses an opportunity to aim a dig at Max Allegri and the former striker has just been given one after Juventus lost to Monza in Serie A.

The Bianconeri are now on a terrible run of form after embarking on a winning run from the end of 2022 until the start of this year.

He and Alessandro Nesta were on Bobo TV and the defender said he was a close friend of Allegri. Cassano fired back via Tuttosport:

“Ah he is your friend, then perfect. I anticipate that team over there, even a bartender can train Juve. Now they have to be saved … eh let’s save ourselves now … let’s do … here we are..”

Juve FC 

Juve has hardly been a better side since Allegri returned as the club’s manager and the gaffer knows this.

Unless his side starts improving, critics will continue to mock how his team plays.

When we win matches, there is no problem and everyone will be happy. Even the so-called critics will be quiet.

However, we have not done so badly under Allegri and he won five consecutive Serie A titles during his first season as the club’s manager.

We cannot take Cassano’s criticism seriously because the ex-attacker’s opinion does not count.